What Movie Are You?

In the next series of Posts, I will introduce movie recommender sites that try to answer the question “What Movie Are You” based on the movies that you “really like”.

This past weekend I watched Saturday Night Fever for the fourth time. Roger Ebert mentions in his Great Movies review of the film that it was Gene Siskel’s favorite movie of all-time, having seen it 17 times. I’m in the Siskel camp. It is one of my favorite movies of all-time as well. I watched it for the first time in a Chicago area theater when it first came out in 1977. I was in the first year of my new job, the first year of 35 successful years with the same company. I was within a year of meeting my future wife, married 36+ years and still going strong. And, a little less than two years prior, I had left the middle class, New England town I grew up in and moved to the Chicago area. As it turned out, it was that momentous decision that shaped my entire adult life.

When I mention to others that Saturday Night Fever is a favorite of mine, a typical reaction is “I hate disco”. It is so much more than a disco movie. Disco is just its milieu. It is a movie about dreams and the barriers that get in the way of realizing those dreams. It is about being stuck in your current existence and coming to the realization that you won’t like the consequences of staying stuck. It is about breaking away and giving yourself a chance.

As I watched Saturday Night Fever that first time, I began to identify with the movie. I identified with Tony Manero’s yearning to create a bigger footprint in his life than he could in his Bay Ridge neighborhood. I recognized the emotional traps that were holding him back from pursuing his dream. I felt his relief when he finally decided to make the move to Manhattan, even though he had no job to go to. I was Saturday Night Fever without, of course, the disco dance king lifestyle.

In the next series of Posts, I will introduce movie recommender sites that try to answer the question “What Movie Are You” based on the movies that you “really like”. No site can identify all of the deep down personal reasons why a movie connects with you. Under my system, for example, there was only a 28.2% chance that I would “really like” Saturday Night Fever. But, the movies that you do “really like”, do identify the types of movies that draw you in and these sites effectively select quality movies within genres you enjoy watching. The sites are all different, using a variety of assumptions and methodologies. They are all just waiting for you to start rating the movies you’ve seen, both good and bad, so that they can get to know you.

In the meantime, consider sharing a comment on your reaction to this Post. Are there any movies that connect with you on a personal level? What Movie Are You?

Author: Mad Movie Man

I love good movies. In my prior life I worked with predictive models. I've combined my love of movies with my prior experience to create a simple Bayesian probability model to help select movies that you will probably "really like".

2 thoughts on “What Movie Are You?”

  1. What movie am I, you ask? It’s pretty obvious really. I’m Muppets Take Manhattan! The movie is based on friendship, persistence, whisper campaigns, letter writing, and marriage. Oh, and to this day I have not heard of more sage advice than the advice from the cafe owner to Kermit when he was discouraged. A must see movie. *Fun fact: this movie also inspired the hit TV cartoon series Muppet Babies!


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