Recommendations From the Weekend Box Office Top Ten

Weekend Ending May 20, 2018
Movie Weekend Box Office “Really Like” Probability? Who Should See it?
Deadpool 2 $125.0 71.2% Geared to young males but all audiences “really like” it so far.
Avengers: Infinity War $28.7 74.9% All fans of the Marvel Comic Universe should “really like” it.
Book Club $12.5 61.2% So far women over 30 “really like” this movie but men don’t.
Life of the Party $7.7 61.2% Wait and see but women may like it.
Breaking In $6.5 61.2% Wait and see but not very promising
Show Dogs $6.0 53.4% Everyone should stay away.
Overboard $4.7 61.2% Wait and see but not very promising
A Quiet Place $4.0 71.2% All Horror Thriller Fans should “really like” it.
Rampage $1.5 62.2% Likeable for most audiences but not “really like”
RBG $1.3 71.9% Wait and see but it might be a “really like” movie.