Recommendations From the Weekend Box Office Top Ten

Weekend Ending June 3, 2018
Movie Weekend Box Office “Really Like” Probability? Who Should See it?
Solo: A Star Wars Story $29.3 67.2% Most Star Wars fans should “really like” it but they might not love it.
Deadpool 2 $23.3 72.8% Geared to young males but all audiences “love” it so far.
Adrift $11.5 66.2% All audiences, particularly women, might “like” this survival romance
Avengers: Infinity War $10.4 74.7% All fans of the Marvel Comic Universe should “love” it.
Book Club $6.8 60.6% So far women, particularly those over 45, “really like” this movie but men’s feedback is tepid
Upgrade $4.5 71.4% Small sample size, but horror fans might  “really like” this movie.
Life of the Party $3.5 60.6% Women “like” it, men don’t
Breaking In $2.8 60.6% Audiences should probably skip this one, although some women might “like” it.
Action Point $2.3 50.3% Geared to men but they don’t like it either.
Overboard $2.0 60.6% Women might “like” it but men won’t